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Contact us to arrange a meeting over the phone or in person – our introductory meeting is at no cost to you, our experts will be available to answer your basic questions and provide you with direction.

We then determine the scope of the project and draft a Proposal for the work to be executed including a clear statement of objective, specific timing where applicable and deliverables to the customer at the completion of the project.

Upon approval of the proposal, project Execution begins by the team at The Food Development Group as a third-party services provider.

At the completion of the project, The Food Development Group will provide the client with Project Results including a written report of the work executed, all pertinent documentation, formulations and processes. Where appropriate The Food Development Group will work alongside with the plant personnel in application of the results to the processing facility.



    The Food Development Group is located in the Greater Toronto Area approximately 25 minutes from Pearson International Airport and 30 minutes from Downtown Toronto. Our office and lab facilities are conveniently located to provide a high level of service to our customers.

    The Food Development Group
    Unit 1-1250B Reid St
    Richmond Hill, Ontario   L4B 1G3
    Phone: (905) 709- 0808
    Fax:  (905) 709-1225